Welcome to my website! My name is Dave Beaman. To learn more about me, click on the “About Dave” link on the menu.

I am primarily an affiliate marketer. However, I do own two advertising sites: Your Ad Station and Viral Vavoom Ads. You can join free or upgrade, and, either way, you can use them to advertise whatever you market and also make a little extra in commissions by promoting them.

Affiliate marketing is something that anyone with average intelligence can do to earn make money online provided that you are will to learn, work, and persevere at it. There are no magic bullets. There is no such thing as get rich quick working online. Don’t believe anything you see that makes such claims.

There are thousands of ways advertised for you to make money online. Most of them only make substantial money for the owners, but there are some good ones through which you can make money as an affiliate. I will recommend the ones that I have found to work well.

Unlike some other affiliate marketers, I only recommend what I have bought, used, made money with and still make money with. I will also recommend traffic sources that I use, some free and some paid. Paid traffic from good vendors works best and fastest. But there are some free or low cost traffic sources that work with a lot of effort and patience.

Building an email list is essential. So, I will also be writing about that.

Start exploring this site through the menu to your right. I hope you find it helpful and that you bookmark the site and return here often.

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