About Dave

Dave Beaman

I’m Dave Beaman. My full name is Arthur David Beaman. And sometimes I market as Arthur. So, if you see either name, you’ll know it’s me.

I have been marketing online since the very early days when the first traffic exchanges began to appear between 1994 and 1996. I was on the scene when Jon Olsen got his start and when Robert Puddy was little known before he started the LFM scripted sites, which came to dominate the membership, traffic exchange and viral mailer niches. I mostly engaged for the fun of it while successfully pursuing a full-time career, first as a sergeant in the NYPD, then, after retiring from that and earning a PhD, I became a qualified mental health and addictions professional. Lastly, I went to seminary and, afterwards, served as a missionary in Burundi, Africa,  before coming back to the US and being consecrated as a bishop. Now, in semi-retirement from the clergy, I have returned to online opportunity marketing, running the Internet Marketing Division of Grace’s consulting company, Grace A. Beaman Consulting, LLC, that engages in a variety of consulting services, Internet Marketing being just one of several.

That’s my wife, Grace,  and me at a wedding. I say that Grace is my better half. Grace says, “He’s right!” 🙂 As of April of 2020, we have been married 50 years. We have 4 grown sons and 9 grandchildren.